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My name is Erica Sarzin-Borrillo and I'm a professional artist. As early as I can rememberI found myself enraptured by the beauty around me, in the ocean an lush surroundings of the East coast where I grew up. Being the daughter of an artist mother,I was gifted from the start with a ready made muse.

My career began as an actress/singer and then became the leading lady of a NY based movement/theatre company. I taught the associated course at NYU, Cornel, and Yale. Funded by the Rockefeller foundation and such, we created a form of playwriting based on symbolic conventions and organic movement. What I learned under the mentorship of Paul J. Curtis was invaluable. It set me on the path of a Renaissance life that led to directing, circus arts, jewelry making, painting, costume design and writing.

The common denominator to everything I've engaged in artisitically has pointed to the spiritual . And it is my mission to make a connection soul to soul, whether it be through a visual or verbal means. I suppose that is why my preference in all I create is that it reflect the ancient yet contemporary and that it be organic and of the soul. If you have interest in purchasing or commission, please contact me at

720-840-4027 or

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